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The focus of the HR function has shifted to achieving organizational outcomes which matter to business. This involves making changes in the way the HR function is organized; re-evaluating its service delivery model and realigning HR programs to ensure HR alignment with business. However, effective implementation of integrated talent management is the biggest challenge facing organizations.

HR transformation refreshes and reboots the HR function so that it’s focused on achieving outcomes that matter to business, and doing so with speed, agility, and innovation. This may involve changing the way the HR function is organized, progressing to a consumer-grade digital HR service delivery model, and creating programs to ensure continuous HR alignment with business goals. As one of the world’s top global human capital and management consulting firms, Aon Hewitt provides a complete array of consulting services to meet the unique HR transformation needs of each organization. We are also the global leader in enabling, implementing and managing talent management programs using technology platforms.

We support performance, talent, recruitment and learning for over a million employees and manage more than 46 million applications. These services cover 15 global corporations, with a variety of hosted and cloud talent platforms, across the span of more than 10 years. 

With experience in enabling, implementing, and supporting performance, talent, recruitment and learning, and in-depth expertise in cloud-based talent platforms, Workday and Cornerstone, Aon Hewitt is here to help your organization through the stages of its HR transformation journey.

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