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Aon can partner with you to measure and improve your employee engagement. We offer a suite of customized and off-the-shelf survey options that provide the right degree of flexibility and cost-effectiveness for you, no matter what your requirements are.

All of our solutions are based on our global employee engagement methodology and utilize a range of best practice statistical techniques. We are also focused on the practical considerations involved with empowering leaders and managers to take action.

We help increase your HR team’s capability as an agent of change by partnering with you to:

  • define your improvement strategy

  • increase the impact and effectiveness of your people managers and senior leaders

  • create an aligned employee value proposition

  • design and implement total reward programs


Proven Engagement Model

Based on the Aon 'Say, Stay, and Strive' model, we help your organization determine engagement levels and use it as a predictor of business outcomes.

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Global influencer

Aon is the world leader in designing and implementing engagement improvement strategies across the full talent lifecycle. Through our flagship Aon Best Employers programme, organizations like yours can identify areas of strength as well as improvement to your employee engagement, leadership effectiveness, employer brand, and culture to drive high performance. It is the most credible and comprehensive survey of its kind in the Middle East. The survey leverages on Aon's professional 3-tier assessment tools and includes participants from all key industries.


Aon's Modern Survey Platform is a cloud-based workforce measurement software that combines feedback, benchmarks and data from enterprise systems to elucidate the correlation between employee engagement and company success.

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