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What drives culture?  

When employees hear high-level business imperatives, the immediate question that follows is “How will we do that?” Without clear answers and supporting explanation, employees fill in the white space with behaviours they are comfortable with. Or, worse still, with behaviours that are motivated by fear or uncertainty, which leads to misaligned cultures.

In Aon Hewitt’s Culture Alignment Survey 2016, 40% of organizations identified aligning organizational culture to business strategy as a top priority area. Culture is defined by an organization’s ‘operating environment’ (or how work gets done), and is made up of three parts—beliefs, or what’s important to business; behaviours, or how people behave and interact; and decisions, or how choices are made.

Culture alignment is achieved when employees’ perceptions of the current culture is in line with the culture required to deliver the business strategy.

What is culture

Aon Hewitt's team of culture experts will help you:


  • Define and articulate a culture that is aligned to your business strategy
  • Align your leadership team towards the required culture
  • Empower your leaders to drive culture


  • Understand gaps between your current culture and required culture
  • Identify gaps in people practices to reinforce culture and recommend changes
  • Assess potential employees for culture fit, on behaviours required


  • Identify the barriers to change, and ways to overcome them
  • Develop a change management strategy and action plan for culture transformation
  • Track progress, and when necessary, readjust the action plan
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