People and Performance

Proven engagement model

CEOs and HR practitioners often cite engagement as the primary objective for their talent strategy. In fact, ‘employee engagement’ is used so routinely that it begs the question, “What does it really mean?”

Engagement is on Top of the Talent Agenda  

Aon defines engagement as the psychological state and behavioural outcomes that lead to better performance. More importantly, Aon’s scientifically-proven methodology provides a solution for improving employee performance and well-being that directly correlates to positive and tangible business outcomes.

Focusing on engagement outcomes improves employee performance in these 3 ways:

  • Say: Employees consistently speak positively about the organisation to co-workers, potential associates, and customers

  • Stay: Employees have an intense desire to be a member of the organisation

  • Strive: Employees exert extra effort and engage in work that contributes to business success

Aon's Engagement Model

Aon's Engagement Model examines interconnected levels including: drivers, engagement outcomes and business outcomes.

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