People and Performance

Organizational Effectiveness

Regardless of size, geography, or industry, every organization makes significant investments in its talent. Success requires visionary leaders, exceptional talent at all levels, and the right strategies to keep that talent current, motivated, and focused. We support organizations across the Middle East in securing, retaining and maximizing talent through a thoughtfully designed and well-implemented talent strategy, one that includes rigorous and appropriate recruitment, assessment and development programs. One that ensures your programs, policies and processes support a culture of high performance where teamwork, accountability, results and recognition are paramount.

Strategic Workforce Planning

It is critical for organizations to attract the right caliber of talent and at the same time manage the costs effectively. Organizations need to strike the right balance in aligning the manpower needs to the current and growing business demands. Hiring and firing people based on cyclical business trends create a low morale and ineffective work climate within the organization. Often organizations fall into the trap of hiring excessive staff to manage critical short term projects and end up with an inflated payroll cost that does not support the business margins.

We help clients:

  • Understand the effectiveness of their workforce distribution and highlight any gaps that act as a bottleneck in the implementation of their strategic plans

  • Determine the workforce productivity measures and develop strategies for improving workforce productivity and efficiency

  • Plan for the future by aligning the business strategy to workforce strategy and establish the right shape, size and workforce skills

Organization Restructuring and Design

In every business environment, organizations need strategies and structured plans to manage change, minimize risk and guide organizational initiatives. Aon Hewitt assists organizations in translating the organization strategy into reality by putting in place the right operating model and organization design which offers scalability, process effectiveness and consistency across the organization. Our approach considers the external market and internal organizational challenges while designing the organization thereby proposing a robust structure that offers clarity in roles, accountabilities and eliminates overlaps and redundancies.

We help clients:

  • Build an operating model that is aligned to the strategic goals of the organization, ensuring the business processes flow seamlessly and effectively through the organization structure

  • Design and implement the organization structure by ensuring process and role clarity, as well as management buy-in

  • Design systems to ensure effective communication, coordination and integration of effort across departments

Performance Management

Increasingly companies are seeking to develop what they call a high performance culture; where everyone is focused on the right priorities, energized and engaged to give their best, building the skills most critical to the business. Our research points to three factors that are central to creating this type of environment: Building accountability everywhere in the business, for the right results; making sure the people we depend on for high performance are convinced we value them; and managing opportunity so the strongest performers are in our key jobs, and every job provides the chance to grow.

Through the use of our Four Cornerstones Model™, we help clients create an effective performance management system for their organization, which ensures the following outcomes:

  • Clear expectations: for individuals and groups - helping answer the question “What part do I play?”

  • Commitment: based on meaningful work and rewards - responding to the question “What’s in it for me?”

  • Capability: built through feedback and learning - addressing the question “What will it take?”

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