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How Can Virtual Exercises Cut the Time of Your Graduate Assessment Centres?

04 Jan 2019  by   Matti Jaakola

Assessment centres can be shorter and more efficient if your candidates undertake the individual case study exercises virtually in advance. How?

Continuous Dialogue: How Can It Drive Business Performance?

23 Dec 2018  by   Khalid Youssef

It is crucial for businesses to understand their top engagement focus areas, identify the best interventions, and elevate the employee experience around these.

4 Ways to Attract and Hire a Diverse Workforce

16 Oct 2018  by   Sarah Bou Habib

To maximize opportunities for diversity, it is the role of organizations to successfully remove biases from their talent processes. So how do we enhance selecting a more diverse workforce without being unconsciously biased?

Are You Ready for the Digital Future?

21 Sep 2018  by   Lena Justenhoven

Yesterday’s way of working is no longer an option in today’s fast-paced, technology-fuelled business environment. Does your organization have the competencies required to survive and thrive in the digital age?

Is Your Company Prepared To Lose Its Business Leader?

14 Sep 2018  by   Francis Ball

Approximately 7 CEOs of publicly-listed companies pass on each year; of which 75% are sudden and unexpected. Can your company cope with a loss of this gravity?

How to Choose the Right Candidates for International Postings?

24 Aug 2018  by   Richard Justenhoven

Sending employees to live and work abroad enhances their cross-cultural experience and helps multinational organizations to improve their global coordination. But how do you select the right ones?

7 Ways to Master Agility in Your Organization

19 Jul 2018  by   Dima Dimashkieh

Agility is an imperative trait for organizations that aim to stay ahead of the game. This is further underlined by the evolution of the shared economy, where disruptive industry models are challenging traditional business structures. So how do Best Employers in the Middle East demonstrate how agility can create substantial benefits within their organization?

Change Readiness in a World of Digital Transformation

13 Jun 2018  by   Bernice Ho

Digital transformation goes beyond having the best technology; it’s about having the right people with the right mind-sets. So what can you do to nurture a change-ready organization?

Top 4 Reasons to Develop a Job-Leveling Framework

30 Apr 2018  by   Chris Kelley and Rupert Smith

There is a hunger to know more about the rationale and benefits for having a well-understood and well-managed job-leveling framework—whether that be first-time implementation or revamping the existing system. Discover the top 4 reasons to develop a job-leveling framework for your organization.

Hire to Rapidly Accelerate Employee Engagement

16 Apr 2018  by   Stephen Hickey & Mina Morris

A highly engaged workforce works harder, stays longer and leads to better business outcomes. But an employee's propensity to be engaged is linked to their personality. So how can companies hire candidates who are wired for engagement?