Unlocking Value with Integrated Analytics

Through the integration of disparate data organizations can reveal deeper and more robust insights to help unlock the last frontier of performance.

Unlocking Value with Integrated Analytics

5 Nov 2017 by  George Colvin

One of the biggest challenges with the traditional approach to employee engagement is that it can be very difficult to establish clear linkages to other talent and business metrics. For example, more time may be spent convincing senior leaders that a relationship actually exists and as a result less time is spent on defining a solution to the business problem.

However, with the continued digitization of the workforce, new opportunities are emerging to leverage technology and data and approach employee engagement in a more holistic way.

Reveal deeper and more robust insights

While Excel is still the most widely used analytics tool, it has limitations when it comes to performing the data manipulation necessary to effectively integrate disparate data sources. Organizations are only now starting to move towards integrating disparate data sources by investing in the right tools and capabilities.

So what’s the benefit?

The integration and analysis of separate data sources allows for a full view of engagement and performance across the people lifecycle, and across the customer value chain. It can provide visibility of aspects about employee engagement which may previously have seemed impossible.


What if you could integrate your engagement data with other talent data?

There are a significant number of questions that you could investigate through combining your talent data and your engagement results. A couple of examples that come to mind include:

  • Are managers that completed their people leadership training more engaging as a result?

  • Are our high-potential and high-performing employees more engaged than their peers on the opposite side of the talent grid?

This information could go a long way towards establishing whether your existing talent and development programs have a meaningful impact on engagement levels. So ask yourself – what opportunities or risks do the answers to these two questions have for your business?

What if you could integrate talent data with customer satisfaction, operational and even financial data?

Imagine HR speaking to Finance about the projected financial impact to bottom line revenue that a talent development program would achieve? 

Think about the competitive advantage that you could reinforce or develop to sustain the performance of your business through value-add people practices.

Are these the sorts of conversations that you want to be having with your CEO and Executive team?

The use of these distinct data sets can assist to firmly establish people (and their engagement) as a key driver of business strategy and performance. This link has not always been clear in many organizations and is, in fact, often based on intuition.

So much so, that when searching for methods to increase business performance most senior managers will look to invest in infrastructure or process and ignore the potential impact that people can have on performance. This sort of approach will only get you so far. Only through the integration of disparate data can you reveal deeper and more robust insights to help unlock the last frontier of performance.

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